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Nancy A. Kaiser

Frank Thomas
Nancy Kaiser
Holiday Luncheon 2008

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Nancy Kaiser's latest work:
Letting Go: An Ordinary Woman's Extraordinary Journey of Healing & Transformation
Genre: Memoir/Personal Growth/New Age
Year Published: 2008
Publisher: Virtual Impressions Publishing

 Nancy A. Kaiser has spent most of her life caring for and about animals, espe­cially horses. She was raised in New Jersey and began riding horses at age 8. Nancy entered The University of North Carolina in ’69, but transferred to Rutgers University College of Pharmacy in ‘73. In ’75, she gradu­ated, with highest honors, and began practice in her family’s 50-year old pharmacy.

In ’77, Nancy married and left the practice of pharmacy to help run her hus­band’s veterinary prac­tice, equine hos­pital, and farm. With the help of one of her hus­band’s patients, Nancy re­awak­ened to her skills of tele­pathic ani­mal communication. She’s worked with many wonderful animals, which have helped develop her skills.

After 27 years of managing an equine veterinary office, hospital, and farm, Nancy and her husband relocated to a powerfully healing area in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Just as she embarked on this fabulous new chapter in her life, her husband confessed, “I never wanted any of this… .” She began journaling to learn from and let go of the devastating feelings of betrayal, grief, anger, fear, and loneliness that engulfed her after they separated and divorced. Abandoned 600 miles from everyone she knew, her dream shattered, without a home or job, she found the strength to ask, “Why?”

The answers were buried deep beneath her pain. Her quest for Truth revealed the most unusual teachers from within Nature and the spiritual realms, because she had the courage to seek answers. The more she wrote, the more the story took on a life of its own. Nancy began to realize the powerful lessons she was learning were not unique to her. Having started her writing as an act of self-love, it began to reveal itself as a story of self-help for others. Nancy published Letting Go: An Ordinary Woman’s Extraordinary Journey of Healing & Transformation so others could benefit from her experiences.

 Letting Go is the extraordinary story of how Nancy discovered how to let go and embrace the destiny unfolding before her. It is a story of powerful trauma followed by personal and spiritual growth, healing, and transformation. It tells of loss and change, and her survival of both. Encouraged by her readers, Nancy is committed to helping people learn from and let go of their personal traumas. At her “Just Ask” Communications in Todd, NC, Nancy is dedicated to bridging the chasm that has developed between people and animals through enhanced communication, better understanding and healing. Nancy is also an ordained minister in the Universal Brotherhood Movement.

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