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High Country Writers

Publishing Resources in High Country Writers
Frank Thomas
Nancy Kaiser
Holiday Luncheon 2008

High Country Writers members are involved in every aspect of publishing. Our meetings bring together resources and tips from writing, editing and design, to choosing a publisher or a printer. So join us at the Watuaga County Library and get involved.

Judith Geary joined Bob and Barbara Ingalls in forming High Country Publishers in 2001 and still edits for its successor, Ingalls Publishing Group, as well as editing and designing freelance. She has edited, researched and/or designed over 50 titles in fiction and nonfiction. Her background is an MA in education from George Peabody College and continued graduate work in writing, editing, literary criticism as well as involvement in High Country Writers. She has taught in the Department of Communication at ASU since 1996 and currently serves as Scenario Director (first evaluator) for the NC affiliate of International Future Problem Solving and as an evaluator on the international level. Her own writing passion is YA historical fiction and her Getorix series, set in ancient Rome, is endorsed regionally for classroom use.

Evelyn Asher brought her freelance business, The Managing Editor, to Boone in 1996. In addition to line-editing novels, Evelyn edits marketing collateral, dissertation materials and manuscripts for scholarly publications. Evelyn earned two degrees mid-life, a BPS from Lynn University in Boca Raton, FL and a MBA from Brenau University in Gainesville GA during which time she published A Bridge of Hope: A Collection of Poems and Testimonies for Caregivers. Her current work, A Tapestry of Global Friendships, mirrors her international interests. As Publications Office Manager for the National Center of Developmental Education, Evelyn is first reader. She teaches for the Curriculum and Instruction Department at Appalachian State University and the Mass Communication Department for Brenau University’s Online College. She values the education and inspiration she receives in the company of amazing talent in High Country Writers. In her life-long spirit of giving back to the community, Evelyn donates marketing services to the Southern Appalachian Historical Association and finds it rewarding to aid small business owners with communication challenges.

Schuyler Kaufman began editing and design work for Parkway Publishers in 2001, after writing for Northwest Journal in the 1990s. She has continued working for High Country Publishers and freelancing since. She earned a BS in teaching middle grades math and English and an MS in English Literature from ASU and has taught freshman writing and literature, communication, public speaking and algebra. She has worked as a research assistant in the Department of Philosophy and Religion and, since 2005, has been Associate Editor of the History of Biblical Interpretation. She writes feature articles and book reviews for Carolina Mountain Life (since 2002) and is Editor of the High Country Writers Journal (since 1999.) Her own writing passion is mystery and historical fiction. Dear Mouse, a contemporary mystery set in the NC movie industry won a HCW Book of the Year award, and she’s currently working on an historical mystery based on the life of Mary Frith (Mol Cutpurse) in the 17th century.

Wendy Dingwall’s passion for the publishing business grew while she was employed as Sales and Operations manager for Ingalls Publishing Group, Inc., (aka High Country Publishers) from October of 2003 through October 2008. With many years of experience in sales, and as the previous owner of two businesses, she focused her skills to create a business plan that she believes will prove profitable while helping fine southern authors and their books achieve success. Currently, she is owner of Canterbury House Publishing, presenting Southern regional novels of romantic suspense and inspiration.

Anita Laymon is a transplanted in North Carolina to be near family. An Indiana University graduate with an MS in Education, Anita has taught at the Elementary and College levels. She also has more than twenty years of experience in Information Systems ranging from Programming and System Analysis to Management, Support Supervision, and Office Automation implementation. She was the first on-site computer application trainer at Samaritan's Purse in the late-90s Anita holds a BS in Education from Summit Christian College with a minor in Biblical Studies. This background is especially applicable in editing spiritually-centered books. In spring of 2009, Anita served as one of the three judges for a short-story competition among area home-schooled seniors..

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